Evening bags are designed for events and elegant parties that usually take place during the last few hours of day time. To many, they are an indispensable accessory for both evening and formal wear. An essential characteristic of evening bags is that they are relatively small in size, but still, in a position to accommodate all the must-have essentials that a person needs.

Here are types of evening bags for you


This kind of evening bag has no strap. It is intended for hands carry. However, it is not uncommon to come across particular clutch bags that have a detachable strap option for increased versatility. This bag type is rectangular. What makes them attractive that they come in a wide range of materials, adornments, and styles. As such, they can go with a wide variety of outfits. They are mostly made of velvet, giving them a fuzzy, soft feel. Since velvet is highly delicate, clutch bags should be handled with utmost care to prevent tear.


These evening bags are adorned richly with metal pieces, small precious stones or intricate beads. They have some compartments for an increased room of packing your evening essentials. A significant number of these bags contain a small clasp (mostly metal) that fastens the bag and keeps it more secured. Mostly made from suede, they are soft and flexible. Since suede does not withstand liquids, care should be taken to ensure that drinks do not spill on the bag.


This evening bag derives its name from the famous French loaf due to its long and narrow shape. It is rectangular in shape. It is relatively larger compared to the wristlet or the clutch bags. This characteristic is what makes them practical choices for users who want to pack and carry more accessories. Unlike the rest which are solely from one material type, these bags are available in velvet and satin.


These evening bags awrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre slightly different from the clutch bags, mainly because they have a band attached to them. This band ensures that the bag is tightly secured in the wrist area. Because the hands are kept free, it is a practical
evening bag if a lot of dancing is expected. Because the band is detachable, the bag can be transformed instantly into a purse. These evening bags are relatively small with some zippered compartments which allow for easy organization and placement of essentials. Mostly made from satin, this bag has a glossy surface with a luxurious feel. Because silk is highly susceptible to water and quickly gets water-stained, this evening bag should only be dry cleaned.